Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Pictures

My two girls

All 4




Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CAT as baby

The cat continues behaving like a baby or at least occupying baby places:

Car seat

Grandmother's lap

Changing table

As you see, the babies are starting to protest this invasion of space.

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

Wow! We took our first day-long trip and made it. I got one of those handy car adapters for my Medela pump. I pumped every 3 hours sitting in the middle row between two babies while the big sister was in the third row with a third baby. Once I was done pumping, we fed the fresh milk to the babies, then stopped to wash the pumping things/eat/use potty. It worked out pretty well - a 10 hour trip took us only 12 hours. 

The babies were a hit with the cousins, even the boys:

Babies with JD, David and Brandon

Nicole feeding one

Nina feeding another

And Sidney after feeding the third (with the babies' big sis)

A Poem by Big Sister

She wrote these as a school assignment (they just finished studying poetic terms and were to write a poem):

My Mother’s Triplets
Paul and Alexander are two identical boys.
Juliet the, 3rd triplet is a girl who makes little noise.
They have a small body with reddish yellow skin.
Their arms and legs swing around in glee,
and their gorgeous baby blue eyes look up at me.
Juliet’s hand clutches my finger tight
while I am telling her goodnight.
They start to whimper
because they know it’s almost time,
time for their feeding because they think it’s sublime.
Every three hours we feed their little tummy.
“When Alexander starts to fall asleep,” sais mommy,
“please change his diaper so he will wake”,
and I am very careful so the babies I will not shake.
When Paul the 3rd starts to cry
I like to sing him a lullaby
and wrap him in his blanket.
The triplets are the sweetest babies I’ve met,
Even though they can’t take care of themselves yet. 

Too cute for words

2 month old check-up

The kids had a good 2 month well child check - all weighing in at around 9 lbs. They also had 3 shots each (including the RSV one). Here are some pictures we took in the waiting room:

Alex (notice the elf ears!)



Goldilocks on trial

My 11-old's most recent play is "Goldilocks on Trial" - performed by the middle school kids. The play is a comedy with a variety of fairy tale characters participating in a trial of a naughty Goldilocks. She was the Little Pig of the Three Little Pigs, "the one who didn't get eaten". Standing behind her in the picture is the Big Bad Wolf (a very tall 7th-grader), who at one point during the play grabs my sweet daughter and carries her over his shoulder off the set. With her kicking and screaming, of course.

Sorry and belated Halloween pics!

I apologize for not posting on the blog for a while. November has been a hard month for us. I got sick with mastitis right after Halloween. Mastitis was shortly followed by a painful gastrointestinal issue, resolution of which took weeks. I finally got better after a minor procedure at an outpatient surgical center.

On a more positive note - for Halloween we made our first long trip with the babies. We drove 2.5 hours to our former neighborhood so my 11-year-old daughter could trick-or-treat with her best friends. We stayed overnight at mom's and went to our former church on Sunday. A couple of friends at church organized a baby shower for us - which was really sweet.

All three