Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shaved heads and dots all over

The babies are sick. Yes, as soon as I stopped pumping they all got sick. And have not stopped. Yet. Now Paulie is covered with small red dots. Apparently viral and supposedly neither Measles, Rubella, or Chicken pox. I sure hope so:

Oh and them losing the hair has nothing to do with being sick. Just a family tradition. Which made the hairstylists cry. Alex was so cool with it:

And Juliet could care less:

Babies are a year old!!!!!!!!!!!!

We survived a whole year. All of us. Even the cat. Although at times we did not see him for days. Oh may be it was my brain that was missing for days. Amazingly, the babies loved their cupcakes. Probably because my missing brain was not the one that thought of them or made them happen. Anya did:

And here is the three now one-year-olds: