Saturday, June 26, 2010

Babies meet ocean

Everybody got a dunking. The boys, naturally, found the ocean a bit cold. Juliet, the alien, was fine:

We loved our new beach tent. 

And back:

Twisting tongues

Juliet has always sounded (and looked) somewhat alien. Now I have proof.



Father's Day

The day went well, we even took pictures. Which we didn't on mother's day. Guess how that day went.

Pumping queen

Yes, I am still pumping. Trying to make it till 1 year. They love it, just like they love their grandmother's cheese/yogurt concoctions (intended by mom to stop my need to pump). She does not realize that my need to pump is psychological. Here they are being fed by mom, though:

Of course when it's up to me, they eat apples!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

What we can do now...

We can all hold our bottles:

Sit (and drool) unassisted:

Crawl after the cat:

And even sleep standing up, when must:


My oldest has always been a busy girl. Plays, guitar, and now babies occupied her 6th grade year. This year she was also honored with membership in Tribeta Music Society at school:

Had a couple of guitar recitals with solo numbers:

Planted tomatoes upside down:

And greeted summer break with a renewed desire to skate:

Little hands, little toes

We are nearly 9 months, and almost 16 lbs each. Still cute as buttons.
Juliet's hand in grandma's:

Alex's toes:

Mama & Alex's feetsies: