Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas pictures

The cat:


All the kids:


Beautiful girl

Cleaning up my email (a year and a half later), I found some nice pictures of Anya, professionally made. Here is the best:

Although this next one is a close second:

Beautiful fall

We had the warm fall weather for a nice long time. The babies discovered the outside up close (not just the riding in the stroller type):

They adore leaves:

And cars:

and more leaves:

And in general, they are just plain adorable themselves:

What are they teaching the 7th graders?

How to bow (Charlotte Web middle school play):

How to goof off in bathrooms:

How to bug parents with cute animals for adoption:

How to show off your guitar:

Professional pictures!

Between work and home how I got organized enough to do these, I don't know to this day. These are gorgeous, though :)

All of us:

Almost all:

Kids galore:

Julie bean:



P.S. These were taken on their 1 year birthday. September 17, that is.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Juliet was a Pooh-bear:

Boys were puppies:

Anya was Angel/Devil (you go, girl!):

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shaved heads and dots all over

The babies are sick. Yes, as soon as I stopped pumping they all got sick. And have not stopped. Yet. Now Paulie is covered with small red dots. Apparently viral and supposedly neither Measles, Rubella, or Chicken pox. I sure hope so:

Oh and them losing the hair has nothing to do with being sick. Just a family tradition. Which made the hairstylists cry. Alex was so cool with it:

And Juliet could care less:

Babies are a year old!!!!!!!!!!!!

We survived a whole year. All of us. Even the cat. Although at times we did not see him for days. Oh may be it was my brain that was missing for days. Amazingly, the babies loved their cupcakes. Probably because my missing brain was not the one that thought of them or made them happen. Anya did:

And here is the three now one-year-olds:




Friday, September 3, 2010

More OBX pictures - water everywhere :)

Outer Banks vacation a roaring success

Yes, I didn't totally loose it (ie. no suicide or homocide that week!).
And here is Alex's roar:

Although sometimes both Paul and I wondered if we could present someone else with our gifts (just for a few hours, may be):

Christening accomplished! and when do worries stop?

I've worried about this for months - when, where, who, what the babies will wear, what I would fit into (still having unrealistic thoughts about fitting into things from before the babies and not buying much new, read bigger, clothing) and such...
Alexander & Kim, Nancy & Paulie, Juliet & JoAnne

Now I worry because I don't see my best friend (who is the fourth godmother) in the picture above. And here is us, chickens:

Friday, July 23, 2010

The girls

Of course Juliet is up to her cuteness again

The upside down plant started like this 

And ended up like this

At Home

On average days we like to play with toys

Ones with sound

And ones without

sometimes the boys have secret meetings

Sometimes we like to hang out with grandma

Sometimes we get carried away when we get hungry

When mom comes home we are all there to get hugs first

When we get tired of that we do some exploring


and there

But when it comes to shoes were only allowed to stare