Friday, September 3, 2010

More OBX pictures - water everywhere :)

Outer Banks vacation a roaring success

Yes, I didn't totally loose it (ie. no suicide or homocide that week!).
And here is Alex's roar:

Although sometimes both Paul and I wondered if we could present someone else with our gifts (just for a few hours, may be):

Christening accomplished! and when do worries stop?

I've worried about this for months - when, where, who, what the babies will wear, what I would fit into (still having unrealistic thoughts about fitting into things from before the babies and not buying much new, read bigger, clothing) and such...
Alexander & Kim, Nancy & Paulie, Juliet & JoAnne

Now I worry because I don't see my best friend (who is the fourth godmother) in the picture above. And here is us, chickens: