Sunday, December 19, 2010

Xmas pictures

The cat:


All the kids:


Beautiful girl

Cleaning up my email (a year and a half later), I found some nice pictures of Anya, professionally made. Here is the best:

Although this next one is a close second:

Beautiful fall

We had the warm fall weather for a nice long time. The babies discovered the outside up close (not just the riding in the stroller type):

They adore leaves:

And cars:

and more leaves:

And in general, they are just plain adorable themselves:

What are they teaching the 7th graders?

How to bow (Charlotte Web middle school play):

How to goof off in bathrooms:

How to bug parents with cute animals for adoption:

How to show off your guitar:

Professional pictures!

Between work and home how I got organized enough to do these, I don't know to this day. These are gorgeous, though :)

All of us:

Almost all:

Kids galore:

Julie bean:



P.S. These were taken on their 1 year birthday. September 17, that is.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Juliet was a Pooh-bear:

Boys were puppies:

Anya was Angel/Devil (you go, girl!):