Sunday, October 18, 2009

Role confusions/we've all gone a little sixes and sevens (bonkers)

It started with the cat. He thinks he is a baby in desperate need of a diaper change. I do admit, with the window and all, it is a nice spot for a nap. Except the cat also enjoys the other changing area we have, without a window. At first the grandma would take the cover off the changing pad and wash it, so the babies would not be exposed to cat hair (too late for that, it's everywhere). Then it became too much laundry-wise, as the cat would jump onto the changing table as soon as grandma turned her back on him.

Then Juliet decided to turn into a Buddha. And not jut once, but after every feeding.

And the weirdest of them all, my oldest decided that preteen years were a bit too much for her and started to regress back. And not slowly, either. She skipped all the way to babyhood and now drinks out of the baby bottle too. Thankfully, it is just cow milk. We are trying to discourage the behavior by totally ignoring it. Some of us can handle it better than others. Grandma, a few hours after agreeing to give neither positive nor negative attention to the behavior, could not handle it and just screamed with - "That's enough!" Granted, her 11-year-old grandchild has almost worked through a gallon of milk in the 2 minute (she timed herself) 2 oz portions at a time. By the way, the kid did authorize the taking of the picture below last night (when it was still kinda cute, if a little disturbing). Today we are just ignoring it, or at least trying to.

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  1. When Yohanes came home, Helen took to saying "Uppie!" and raising her arms up to be lifted--no easy feat considering she is about 80 lbs and up to my chin. Regression is an amazing thing!