Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Poem by Big Sister

She wrote these as a school assignment (they just finished studying poetic terms and were to write a poem):

My Mother’s Triplets
Paul and Alexander are two identical boys.
Juliet the, 3rd triplet is a girl who makes little noise.
They have a small body with reddish yellow skin.
Their arms and legs swing around in glee,
and their gorgeous baby blue eyes look up at me.
Juliet’s hand clutches my finger tight
while I am telling her goodnight.
They start to whimper
because they know it’s almost time,
time for their feeding because they think it’s sublime.
Every three hours we feed their little tummy.
“When Alexander starts to fall asleep,” sais mommy,
“please change his diaper so he will wake”,
and I am very careful so the babies I will not shake.
When Paul the 3rd starts to cry
I like to sing him a lullaby
and wrap him in his blanket.
The triplets are the sweetest babies I’ve met,
Even though they can’t take care of themselves yet. 

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