Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 months old! and still not sleeping through the night

Babies data from 6 month check-up:
   Alex: 14lb 2oz, 25.75 inch
   Paul: 14lb, 25.75 inch
   Juliet: 13lb 2oz, 24.75 inch
They started climbing from their 5% place in height and weight charts. Boys are now 25% in height (Juliet is 10%) and a whooping 50% in head size across the board (big heads - big brains or thick skulls?)
Triplets and I, all sleepy (although one finds watches delicious even when half asleep):

Grandma and three, also sleepy:

And now someone is finally sleeping:

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  1. They are so precious! Our boys are five months and nowhere near sleeping all night either! Hang in there!