Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outside Fun

We bought a used playset for them, and it was a big success (even for my 12 year old daughter!)
Here it is
It has a "telescope" but we use it as a megaphone,
and a boat steering wheel.
It has many secret exits.......
and entrances.
It has a handy table for picnics.
You get to the table by going across the bridge.
Pauly likes to keep the playset nice and clean.
Though I don't think it's working(Shhh),
but he does his best.
When he's done...
he goes down the slide
To get in you go up some funky stairs.
Juliet loves the slide.
Anya helps while still having fun.

Anya decided to bring out a lolypop that is nearly 10 feet tall!!
She bought it with her own money.
I was her personal holder while she played.
The babies loved it.
They couldn't get enough,
and kept asking for more!

They love playing with strollers.
They push them.
A lot.
Sometimes the fall.
They rest in them.
Climb them.
Eat them.
Smell them.
A lot.

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