Sunday, September 20, 2009

Finally here on Thursday September 17, 2009

I didn't make it till next week. I had an appointment on Thursday 9/17/09. They measured the babies and decided that Paul is not growing fast enough. 

Here is the estimate of their weights that day by ultrasound:
     Baby A (Paul) - 3 lb 15 oz
     Baby B (Alexander) - 4 lb 10 oz
     Baby C (Juliet) - 5 lb 12 oz
This estimate put Baby A 2 weeks behind his predicted date, and for the first time he was thought of to be IUGR (intrauterine growth restricted), so they decided to deliver that day. 

Here are the babies statistics at birth:
     Paul, born at 6:29 pm, at 4 lb 4 oz and 17.3 inches
     Alexander, born at 6:30, at 4 lb 12 oz & 17 inches
     Juliet, born at 6:31, at 5 lb 5 oz & 18.5 inches.

The kids are in NICU, separated by hallways. Since birth, Paul has done the best, being on room air. Alexander is doing well too, was on C-pap for less than a day. Juliet has done the worst, still on C-pap. Paul and Alexander were on gavage feeds till Saturday 9/19 and now are on the bottle. Juliet is not on gavage yet, but on TPN. My milk has not come in yet, but I am pumping every 2 hours. Yesterday I kangaroo'd all three for about 1 hour each.
Pictures to come.

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