Monday, September 14, 2009


We conceived the day after my 35th birthday. We had help getting pregnant (in-vitro fertilization), although at the most we expected twins. The boy in the twin pair decided to split into two - so we got a pair and a spare (two identical twins and a fraternal twin). But we did not know this till later.
As soon as my boss was aware that I was pregnant, I was laid off for "no particular reason". My husband works, but I was the breadwinner. The day after the lay off, we found out that there were three in the oven. I nearly cried. My husband, thankfully, chimed in with "it's going to be OK".
April & May
My daughter's 11th birthday. The house has been on the market since March in this worse than ever time to sell a house. We are hopeful, though. I am looking for jobs like crazy.
The house is under contract. We tell my daughter about the triplets. She is excited, even volunteers to change diapers.
House is sold. What a relief (it was our biggest expense). We spend a week at my husband's first ever family reunion (his parents both died within the last 2 years). It's on the Outer Banks of NC in Rodanthe. I am 24 weeks now and feeling it. I am as big as a full-term woman with one child. I am thankful for the elevator at the house that was rented at the OBX. Otherwise we temporarily live in Raleigh, renting a room in a townhouse.
I got a job offer. It's less pay but more stability. Nicer town. And I can start in January! We found a school for my daughter, then a place to live near the bus stop. I transfered my care to local OB's. School started and my daughter liked it despite a ton of homework (a weight off my chest).

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