Monday, September 14, 2009

Still pregnant, yet barely so

September has been tough.
It started at the end of August with docs telling me I may be starting to have preeclampsia/toxemia of pregnancy. It usually shows up with high blood pressure and a degree of renal failure (spilling protein in urine). Even worse, at any time it may go into full blown eclampsia, with seizures. It is the biggest reason in US for maternal death. I was told that I'll be delivered no later than at 34 weeks now.
At my next appointment, the day before my 32 week mark, I got hospitalized. It sucked. The babies, who were doing great, were each on a fetal monitor. To get the fetal monitors to stay perfectly positioned, the nurses asked me to lie without much movement in the most uncomfortable position, which led to days of pretty bad neck pain. I got a lot of IV fluids, even when I was allowed to eat and drink fluids at will. In fact, I was drowning in IV fluids, getting shorter and shorter of breath. Thankfully, when I asked to stop them, they agreed. I felt so much better after that, they let me go home the next day. I felt like I escaped from prison!
My feet and legs look like dough-boy's from Pilsburry (sp?) commercials. Probably because my belly has gotten so large that not much blood can return from below the belly. The extra IV fluids didn't help either. The skin of the legs is tight and tender. The worst of all is the itching. Some days it drives me up the wall. This past Saturday it drove me to call the on-call doc, who ended up seeing me in the hospital (they tried to give me IV fluids again!!!). I escaped same day with a medication prescription.


  1. Welcome to the club girl. Sounds like you're having my pregnancy. I did not make it past 32 weeks. The out of breath part did me in. I quit after 2 nights of feeling suffocated. I said I was done. Suffocating is not ok. You are better than I. You'll do ok but expect a really really long recovery. I couldn't even stay in the NICU for more than 4 hours a day and I slept in a recliner for 2 weeks after getting home at least. Best of luck.

  2. Thank you! Staying away from the hospital since 32 weeks has payed off (I am 34 weeks today!). I am thinking that at delivery time I'll have to beg the anesthesiologist to give me very little in terms of IV fluids.

  3. They love giving fluids though. Good luck with that one. You'll still swell after surgery because apparently that's normal. so your foot will get bigger! I have adorable pics from after I love looking at. Not. Keep 'em cooking girl.